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Guardianship FAQs

  • Q :How do I apply for ICON Guardianship services?

    Please send your name, date of birth, and the name of your school to enquiry@iconedu.co.uk and one of our guardians will guide your through the registration process.

  • Q :Who is my guardian?

    ICON Guardianship UK Ltd. will be your guardian. ICON will appoint a member of staff as your main contact. We also work as a team to make sure you are taken care of during your studies in the UK.

  • Q :How often will I meet my guardian?

    It depending on which package you choose. With our standard package, you will meet your guardian once a term. With our comprehensive package, you will meet your guardian at least once every two weeks, but it could be more often if needed.

  • Q :How do you recruit and evaluate the host families?

    Our host families are all very carefully chosen by our dedicated host family team. We will interview the families in their houses to make sure they meet our standards, then will carry out a risk assessment to ensure that their property is safe to live in. All the family members aged over 16 years old will be DBS checked (police records) and we ask for two references, one personal and one professional. We will also revisit the families annually to make sure they still meet our standards.

  • Q :How do you allocate the host family?

    For day school students, they will be given a host family enquiry form to fill in before their departure to the UK. Then our host family team will allocate the families according to the students’ needs and interests.

  • Q :Why do I need to stay with a host family if I am a boarding school student?

    Most of the boarding schools will have short breaks such as exeat weekends and half terms during term time. Therefore, you will need to stay with host families during these breaks. By law, you can’t stay in the hotel without adult supervision if you are under 18 years old.

  • Q :I am not sure which package to choose, can you advise?

    The level of care you need to choose is depending on many factors such as your age, your English ability, your level of independence, and your personality. We recommend that you choose our standard package if your English is above average, you have a reasonable grasp of British culture, and you are relatively independent. The comprehensive guardianship package is recommended for you if you are new to the UK, your English level is not very good, or if you feel you need extra support during your time here. Over 90 percent of our students’ parents chose our comprehensive package as they want the very best care for their child.

  • Q :Is ICON Guardianship accredited?

    Yes, we are fully accredited by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), an independent organisation which undertakes the inspection and accreditation of Guardianship Organisations (GOs) in the UK.

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