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  • Q :What is the application process for becoming a host family with ICON?

    • Fill in and send back our application form
    • Arrange a date for us to visit your home
    • Complete paperwork and check documentation (passport or driving licence)
    • DBS check (cost covered by ICON)
    There is a general application form which must be completed and submitted to the Host Family team for consideration. Things like location and experience will be considered when application forms are processed. Applications are welcome from a wide variety of families, this can be people living alone, retired couples or people with children. All applications will be considered and then those deemed suitable will be taken to the next stage of the process. A home visit will then be arranged, this allows a member of ICON staff to visit you at home and conduct a basic risk assessment and interview. Documents such as passports and driving licences will need to be seen during the visit and all paperwork can be completed. DBS forms will need to be completed by all members of the household over the age of 16, the cost of these checks is covered by ICON. References will then be requested and once these have been received and are satisfactory you can be added to the database as a host family and will be considered for hosting students.
  • Q :Are we expected to entertain the student and provide activities?

    Students will generally spend most of their free time studying. There is no expectation on hosts to provide activities for students however if you were going on a day out and the student would like to join you and you were happy to take them with you then we see this as a bonus. Students are expected to pay for their own tickets or any extra costs incurred, these would not need to be covered by the host.

  • Q :What is the difference between long and short-term hosting?

    Long term hosting is when students attend day schools and live with a family for a full academic year. Short term hosting is when our boarding students need to stay with hosts during school holidays as they are not allowed to stay in the boarding house during this time.

  • Q :How will I get paid for hosting students?

    Payments are made by bank transfer either on the last working day of each calendar month for long term hosting or on the final day of a hosting period for short term.

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