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‘I have hosted several ICON students, including one current long term High School student and also several short-term summer school students.I have always found ICON to be well organised and efficient, in terms of information and policy. I believe I have a good relationship with Kate, my link worker, who is approachable, accessible and supportive. I have hosted international students for a number of years, with different organisations and in my opinion, I consider ICON to be one of the best of its kind. My family and I have really enjoyed the experience of hosting and the mutual aspects of learning about different cultures. It is also great to see how the students learn develop and grow and because of this I particularly enjoy the longer-term placements. It is so rewarding to know that as a host family we have played a part in helping a student achieve and we really look forward to having more ICON students in the future.’

Fiona Spencer, ICON Host

‘Friendly, helpful organisation for both students and hosts, as a host I would send my
own daughter (11 years old) to this agency.’

Heather, ICON Host

Professional company where everything is taken care of. Hosting has been great, you feel you are supported.  The whole processes very organised.  Students hard working and great to be with.

Tahira, ICON Host

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