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  • Q :How is ICON structured?

    ICON’s staff in the UK deal with guardianship and hosting, our staff in overseas deal with marketing and recruitment. Our UK office has three main departments: Admissions Team, Host Family Team, Student Liaison Team. Schools will only ever need to liaise with our UK staff.

  • Q :How will you promote our school?

    There are three channels that we receive student applications from: sub-agencies, educational events, and partnerships with schools in the target country. ICON has staff who travel throughout the year visiting agencies and attending educational events. Our team are experts in their field, and it is their role to maintain relationships with agents, and raise the profile of our partner schools. They are dedicated staff who live in the country of the target market, are highly experienced, and know the culture of doing business locally. They are able to attend all the key events and work with a large number of agents, visiting them regularly at their offices. We can also advise schools on how to adapt their marketing material for overseas markets.

  • Q : If you work with so many schools how will you ensure you promote our school effectively and fairly?

    We publish details of our partner schools in an ICON brochure which is distributed annually to our sub-agents. This is what prospective pupils and parents will be free to browse through when they meet with a consultant at an agency or with one of our staff at an educational event. We make sure that our sub-agents are well informed on each of our partner schools, and they are trained by us on general information of school such as location and facilities, and more detailed information such as academic statistics and admissions procedures. This means that we can introduce a range of schools and that individual students can make informed choices according to their preferences, personality, and academic ability.

  • Q :Why can’t we work with educational agencies directly rather than go through ICON?

    The advantage of working with ICON is that we will promote your school to major agencies as well as smaller companies and individuals throughout your target market. If a school were to attempt the same, the strain on time, staff, and budget would be very limiting, not to mention the language and cultural barriers. By having ICON as one point of contact for everything it will help to reduce your workload, as we deal with day to day communication with agents, commission payments, and visa preparation. If there is an issue, we are there to support the school and get to the root of issues that may be obscured by language and cultural misunderstandings. We also pre-screen all applications forwarded by agents, and collect two-year academic reports prior to submitting them to schools. This can minimise the amount of applications received by the school that are not a good match, or ones that the level of English is not adequate. In summary, it is far simpler for schools, that do not have the benefit of having an office or permanent staff in the target market, to work with one company such as ICON Education that can deal with everything.

  • Q : We are a day school, if we recruit through ICON can you help to accommodate international students?

    We have been working with day schools for many years and we are experienced in providing host services and services to support day schools. We set high standards for our hosts and we work with the guidelines set out by AEGIS. For pupils under 16, we work with local authorities to ensure that safeguarding measures are met. Our guardianship services ensure that students are well looked after. We will help them to settle in at school and host family life, and be with them every step of the way, attending parent evenings and visiting them at school and their host family regularly.

  • Q :We are interested in working together — what are the next steps?

    The first step is to arrange a meeting at your school. It is always useful for us to meet staff face to face and get a feel for the school. This is also a useful opportunity to ask further questions. Then we would ask the school to send us an agreement for both parties to sign. Once this is done we will begin promoting the school. At this point we would ask for marketing materials, admissions procedures, test papers, and so on. If possible, we like to arrange overseas trips for the Head or other staff. This will take the format of mini educational fairs at the offices of educational agents. Although you will meet prospective parents and pupils, the events are mainly to raise the profile of the school with our sub-agencies, so while recruitment may take place, the main purpose is to lay foundations for a long-term working relationship.

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