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What can we offer?

ICON works with schools to take care of marketing and recruitment for overseas students. In the UK we offer guardianship and hosting services, while we are well established in the education sector in countries where which we target for recruitment.

In most countries we work predominantly with sub-agents, although we also have partner schools overseas, and we receive a number of direct enquires each academic year. We also attend worldwide educational events throughout the year.

Student Recruitment

  • At ICON, we work hard to ensure that the right students are selected. We look for students who will be able to stand up to the challenge of studying abroad and will integrate into a new school and its local community.
  • We examine school reports and academic achievements for students and screen potential candidates with a telephone interview
  • Upon successful completion of this process we submit the student’s profile to the school
  • We arrange for entry tests to be taken and for personal statements to be completed and sent
  • We make arrangements for registration forms to be completed and fees to be paid
  • We arrange telephone or Skype interviews with heads of departments or senior teachers to give staff the chance to get to know the student
  • For students who are accepted, we coordinate all relevant documents, including offer letters, acceptance letters, visa applications, medical forms, and travel arrangements
  • We also recruit suitable host families for students who will attend day schools

Student Arrival

Before their arrival, we send a handbook to the students and their parents with comprehensive information on topics such as weather, culture in the UK, the British education system, and staying with a host family or at a boarding house

We liaise with schools to keep them informed of each student’s travel arrangements

We help students to settle in at their host families or school accommodation and offer continuous support and advice from our dedicated liaison staff who are on hand 24 hours a day in case of an emergency

Our host family team supports the students and the families throughout their stay

We book an induction day with the school to meet with the students

We assist with school enrolment, registration with the local GP, dentist, opening a bank account and setting up their mobile phones with a UK sim card

School Support

We offer ongoing support throughout term time by translating students' school reports, attending parents’ evenings and giving feedback to parents We maintain consistent contact with schools, both to support the staff and to monitor the progress of the students We liaise regularly with boarding house staff regarding student well-being and we can arrange accommodation for boarding students during their exeat and half term holidays

Our parent’s forum is a unique and efficient method for updating parents on students’ development and well-being. We regularly contact parents using the forum in addition to communicating via phone calls and social media

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