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Term-Time Camps

We have two main packages for our term-time camps: nursery camp and our school experience camp.

Nursery Camp

Our nursery camp is designed for small groups of 4-6 year olds to be accompanied by a parent. During the daytime, the little ones will attend small nursery classes, while their parents go on local sightseeing trips. We also arrange activities suitable for parent and child during weekends and days off.

For more info, please download our brochure.

School Experience Camp

Many students overseas are interested in studying in the UK, but would like to have a taster before committing to a full-time course. We can arrange experience courses for both individual students and groups. Individual students tend to stay for longer periods (usually a term or half a term), and they will have a more intensive study experience alongside local pupils. Groups will come for shorter periods of up to a week, and will interact with local pupils, and will attend lessons and take part in activities with them. Groups will also usually go on excursions to place like London, Cambridge, and Oxford.

For more info, please download our brochure.

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