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For schools, it is much more efficient to use one organisation, such as ICON, who can work with sub-agencies on its behalf. ICON has partnerships with top agencies, which are large organisations and are well established in the major cities. We also work with several smaller agencies and individuals who recruit from regions where most schools do not yet have a significant presence in the market. It takes time and effort to maintain these working relationships in a highly competitive market. Our marketing team visit agents in their offices all year round to ensure that they are well informed on our partner schools and know how to promote them to prospective parents and pupils who come into their offices. These agencies work with huge numbers of schools from all over the world and without proactive account management from experienced staff such as our marketing team it is difficult to raise the profile of an individual school.

ICON has an office in the UK which is the focal point for all overseas enquires, and is the hub from which we provide our guardianship and hosting services in the UK. When a school works with ICON, its admissions and marketing team will work with our UK-based, English speaking staff, who will pass on the applications and documentation ready to be assessed. Prior to forwarding the completed school application form, we will have collected the applicant’s previous two-year school report, and a member of our staff in the UK will have done a pre-screening telephone interview in English. We also arrange for school test papers to be completed under invigilation at one of our sub-agent’s offices. Furthermore, we work with the agency’s visa department to gather all documentation for the student’s visa. For students that apply directly, we work with a UK-based Immigration Law Firm for visa applications.

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