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Host Family

ICON has a network of host families located around the UK with whom we have worked for a long time. These carefully selected host families provide both long and short term accommodation for students. All of our host families must meet our stringent requirement for the provision of accommodation in accordance with AEGIS guidelines.

We encourage our host families to integrate students into their family life as much as possible, enabling them to experience new foods and activities which they may not have tried before. We have found that the more our students engage with the host family members, the more they enjoy their time living and studying in the UK.

How do we recruit and evaluate the host families?

Our host families are all very carefully chosen by our dedicated host family team. In every case, we will:

  • interview the families in their houses to make sure they meet our and AEGIS high standards
  • carry out a risk assessment to ensure that their property is safe to live in
  • conduct references checks and ensure all the family members aged over 16 years old are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.
  • follow up with regular revisit to families annually ensuring that our standards are maintained

Do you wish to become a host family? Please fill in the form here and we will contact you. Alternatively, please email


 Who need to stay with host family?

  • Boarding school students. There are three half-term breaks during which boarding schools are close and boarders need to vacate their boarding houses. Boarders who do not travel away from UK or return home will need safe and secure accommodation during these periods. Temporary accommodation is also required during exeat weekends. Staying with approved host families is the most common arrangement.
  • Day school students. Day school students will stay with host family for long term throughout their school term time. There are three term breaks and during these breaks or holidays, Day School students will need safe and secure accommodation if they do not return home or travel outside of UK. They may continue to stay with the same host family if availability allows or staying with a different host family temporarily.

ICON can help you planning for these occasions and secure suitable host family accommodation.

You can help us choosing the desired host family here

Online Host Family Selection Tool/Form