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About ICON Education

ICON Education UK Ltd is an educational company which offers services for schools and students in the UK and overseas.

We work in partnership with independent schools in the UK to recruit and manage international students. From our UK office we provide guardianship, hosting, and school support services. We have a team in Asia who advise parents and students on their desired courses and schools. Most of our students are long term students who enrol on GCSE, A Level, or pre-sessional courses such as iGCSE or Pre A Level. Younger students enrol onto Year 7 and above. We have a suite of exciting summer and winter camps and term-time tasters.



Whether your child studies at a boarding school or a day school in the UK, you will need an educational guardian. With a team of professional guardiansRead More

Host Families

Host Families

Whether your child studies at boarding school or day school, he/she will at some point needs to stay with host family. Exeat weekends, term breaksRead More

School Application

School Application

It is important to receive the right advice and support so that you make the right choice of schools for your child. From the moment you make enquiry to us, we will support you all the wayRead More

Our Boarding School Partner

Our Boarding School Partner

Deciding whether to send your child to boarding school is a decision most of us parents make early. We have a range of top UK boarding schools for you to choose from.Read More

Our Day School Partner

Our Day School Partner

The wide variety of different day schools can often be overwhelming, but we have a range of top UK day schools for you to consider.Read More

Summer/Winter Courses

Summer/Winter Courses

Send your child to our summer/winter courses, allow them to have a taste about studying and living in UK. Our summer/winter programmes are based in London, Oxford and Cambridge as well as in Surrey and Derbyshire. Available subjects including Robotics, Coding, Leadership, Film-Making and many more.Read More

Why UK ?
Skills Development
Where our students progress to
  • Wherever you end up in this world, if you have a degree from a UK school or university it will be recognised by employers, universities, and governments.
  • UK schools and universities consistently rank highest in global ranking.
  • Studying in the UK will help you develop excellent language skills. The English language is of crucial importance in today’s global business arena.
  • The UK has a long history of welcoming international students to study in its schools.
  • The cultural diversity of life in Britain is unrivalled.
  • If you study at UK schools, it’s much easier for you to apply to its many top-ranking universities.

ICON organises a series of workshops and skill development activities designed to complement your study. These are just some examples of the workshops we organise:

  • Etiquette Training
  • Understanding English Culture and Customs
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Working Skills
  • Business Entrepreneurship

…and many more.

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ICON’s students have progressed to the following top UK Universities:

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • UCL
  • University of London
  • Imperial College
  • Durham University
  • Kings College London
  • LSE
  • Nottingham
  • Birmingham
  • Queen Mary
  • Manchester
  • Warwick

…and many more


  • 30+
    Top UK Schools
  • 650+
    Students Enrolled
  • 1600+
    Summer & Winter Students
  • 92%
    Progress to Top UK Universities

Life at School in UK

Life at School in UK
Boarding school placement
UK Boarding School Guardianship
UK Boarding School Guardianship
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UK Boarding School Guardianship
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Boarding school placement

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