Your Child Deserves Good Guardianship While Studying in UK. Find Out More

Your Child Deserves Good Guardianship While Studying in UK. Find Out More +44(0)115 850 0388
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Why do I need an Educational Guardian?

Almost all UK independent schools require international students to have a UK-based educational guardian. A Guardian should be a responsible adult living in the UK. Parents who are planning to send their child to study in the UK have an opportunity to appoint ICON’s Educational Guardian to act as their trusted representative. This not only satisfies the UK Independent School requirements but also the UKVI guidelines and ensures that your child’s wellbeing is guaranteed

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What will ICON’s educational guardian do for me and my child?

ICON offers parents a comprehensive package where we act on your behalf to look after your child from the moment the pupil is accepted onto a chosen school. We assign an educational guardian dedicated to look after your child’s wellbeing, to manage communications with the school, house master/mistress, host family, medical service, local authorities and more.

ICON’s guardian keeps you up-to-date on your child’s study and life progress, answers your questions, counsels you where appropriate, and acts based on decisions you make and on your behalf.

To the pupil, our guardian offers complete attention and care, ensuring safety environment, and be accessible 24/7 and in particularly in emergency. Sometimes the guardian is your child’s buddy, at other times an older sister, brother or mentor. We are there on important milestones in your child’s special moments such as birthdays, new year’s days, sports days and many more. In short, we act in Loco Parentis for your child.