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Why UK?

The UK offers international students an academic experience that is very hard to beat. From top independent schools to world-recognised universities, being educated in UK is a privilege. Here are some of the reasons why sending your child to study in the UK is good:

  • UK education teaches students how to think, not merely what to think. UK education opens your mind
  • UK education opens doors, wherever you go in the world
  • Employers value UK education. The QS global survey consistently shows that UK degrees are highly valued worldwide
  • UK’s innovative approach to teaching leads you to reach your potential. You don’t only gain knowledge, you also obtain the skills employers want
  • Approximately a million international students come to UK to study. You’ll find everything you need to grow personally and professionally right here.
  • Become a great communicator. You’ll be immersed is English language environment. You will improve your communication skills.
  • Being exposed to one of the world’s most widely spoken languages will help make it easy for you to settle, as well enhancing your English naturally while you study. So, you’ll leave with the communication skills and the confidence to make an impression anywhere

Every family is different and every child is unique. We therefore encourage you to contact us to discuss you and your child’s specific needs.

UK Independent Schools

There are over 2,500 independent schools or sometimes referred to “private” schools in the UK. Unlike state schools, independent schools do not rely on the UK government for funding but are instead independently funded by tuition fees, donations, endowments or a combination of all three. Another distinctive feature of independent schools is that unlike state schools they are not required to follow the National Curriculum, but instead set their own curriculum, which is often more demanding than the National Curriculum. As a result, independent schools generally offer a much higher standard of education than state schools and on average students achieve better academic results.

We appreciate that there are many considerations before deciding which school to enrol your child to. We are here to help.

Day or Boarding?

Decide whether you want your child to be in a Day School or a Boarding School? Most Independent Schools in UK have boarding facilities, albeit with limited space. In UK, about 85% of children are day pupils.

Day School students live with host families. Most host family live nearby schools. It is reported that Day School students enjoy an enriching education and strong relationships with their host family, who are very much part of international students’ ongoing daily education. Day school students are also better able to build confidence to communicate in English by immersing themselves in local community and culture.

Boarding School students (Boarders) are also reported to have satisfying and challenging academic experiences. With 24/7 supervision, it suits international students who perhaps need additional support academically.

Whether you choose Day School or Boarding School for your child, students who study in the UK, generally benefit from becoming more independent as their confidence in communicating in English and in their own abilities grow.

Admission Policies

The school year starts in September, but it is advisable to start looking at least a year in advance, as place can be filled up to six months in advance.

We have 10 years of experience and we have a network of top UK boarding and Day Schools.

Please contact us as soon as possible for early consultation.

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